About Centretown United Church


  • Nancy Desjardins, Office Administrator, E-mail:  office@centretownunited.org
  • Rev. David Illman-White, Minister, Email:  minister@centretownunited.org
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM; Telephone 613-232-9854, FAX 613-232-9854 (call ahead during office hours)
  • Postal address: Centretown United Church, 507 Bank Street, Ottawa ON, K2P 1Z5

Our Vision

  • A Christian meeting place of spirit, faith, and community for all
  • Rooted and recognized in Central Ottawa as a place to nurture spirituality and question the values of secular society
  • All who enter find something meaningful to their lives and experience a loving community in times of celebration, fun, joy and sorrow

 Centretown United is…

  • A place to nurture mature followers of Jesus
  • A place to build community
  • A place to demonstrate Christian values
  • A place for new beginnings

All Are Welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

Casual clothing is fine for attending church.

Call the church office at 613-232-9854 and you will be assisted in connecting with groups of interest.

For inquiries about:

Sharing your Celebrations of Life and Love (Baptisms, Marriages, and Funerals)

Please contact the office at 

(613) 232-9854 or office@centretownunited.org